Sunday, January 29, 2012

Launching "The Sounding"

     Early in February, the Orthodox Christian Network (or OCN) will relaunch its blog, "The Sounding".  The OCN, headquartered in Forth Lauderdale, Florida, is a media agency of the Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America, an inter-jurisdictional assembly of Orthodox bishops that come together to coordinate Orthodox life on this continent.  It uses modern media to raise the awareness of the Orthodox Faith in the minds of the general population.  (The bishops of our own OCA are an integral part of this Episcopal Assembly.)
     The OCN's blog is entitled "The Sounding" in reference to a nautical term about measuring the depth of the surrounding waters. The blog aims to do precisely that--to probe the depths of the Orthodox Faith.  Along with other authors, clergy, laity, and bloggers, I will be one of the regular contributors to the blog, posting once a month.  You can find the blog here at:  A video promoting the blog may be found here.  I hope that you will look at the new blog regular, and that you will enjoy my own posts there.

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