Sunday, February 26, 2012

A word of clarification

           The previous post, reviewing the teaching of The Red Book on liturgical services, was the third in a continuing series.  The first post reviewing The Red Book was posted on February 9, and was followed by two others, not in the series.  It is possible that someone coming upon my previous post about The Red Book and not seeing the February 9 introduction might be confused about who the authors actually were.  As I indicated in the first post, the book under review is not actually called “The Red Book”, and its authors are not actually named “Valentinus and Marcion”.  Rather, I am writing here in the tradition of C.S. Lewis who reviewed a book about which he had nothing good to say, and so disguised the identity of the book by giving it the fictional name “The Green Book”, and its authors the names “Gaius and Titius” (whom he referred to throughout his own review of their work).  In this tradition, I have renamed the volume “The Red Book”, calling its authors “Valentinus and Marcion”.  I chose these names for the authors because I believe their doctrine to be every bit as destructive as that of their second century namesakes.  The names are meant not to identify, but to denounce, for my quarrel is less with them as persons (I’m sure they’re lovely) than it is with their teaching.  I am sorry if this has caused confusion.

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